Muslims Love Each Other


1. Questions & Answers

Q1. Why is it important to love other Muslims for the sake of Allah?

A1. Loving other Muslims for the sake of Allah is a sign of strong faith. Allah will bring them close to Him on the Day of Judgement.

Q2. What can make people love and respect you?

A2. a. Please Allah

b. Be sincere

c. Care and be kind

d. Give gifts

e. Greet others

Q3. Is it proper to like people only because they are rich or good looking? Why or Why not?

A3. No, as these things don’t last forever. You should love someone because of their deep faith in Allah and their good character.

2. Fill in the blanks:

1. Islam is the religion of love and mercy.

2. Always treat people with sincerity, care and kindness.

3. Exchange gifts, so you would love each other.

4. Al-Hubbu Fillah means loving each other for the sake of Allah.

5. Allah is Al-Wadood, or The Loving.



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