Brotherhood in Islam


1. Questions and Answers:

Q1. What does Mu’aakhah mean?

A1. The bond of brotherhood in Islam is called Mu’aakhah.

Q2. What are the Arabic words for brother, brothers, sister, and sisters?

A2. a. Brother- Akh

b. Brothers- Ikhwah

c. Sister- Ukht

d. Sisters- Akhawat

Q3. Write about a Sahabi who helped his brother in Islam.

A3. Sa’d ibn ur Rabee’ welcomed Abdur Rahman ibn Awf in his house. The Prophet had established brotherhood between the two. Sa’d offered his house and money to Abdur Rahman as he wanted to be a true brother in Islam.

2. Fill in the blanks:

1. The believers are but a single brotherhood.

2. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) established brotherhood between Al-Muhajireen and Al-Ansar.

3. Whoever helped his brother when in need, Allah will help him when he becomes in need.

4. A Muslim does not hurt his brother or sister in Islam.

5. Always look for good brothers and sisters in Islam.



7 thoughts on “Brotherhood in Islam

  1. Allah Said;
    The believers are but brothers, so make reconciliation between your brothers and fear Allah that you may receive mercy.
    Surat al-Hujurat 49:10

  2. Don’t you have explanations…what you’ll do with question and answer???
    I need explanations about brotherhood…

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