The World of Angels


Answer the following questions:

1. What are angels made of?

They are made of light. 

2. Define:

a. Malak: Arabic word for angel.

b. Mala’ikah: Plural of angel, angels.

c. The Hafathah: The guardian angels; those who take care of us.

d. Al Katabah: The honourable Record Keepers, who record our good and bad deeds.

e. Ard-ul-Mahshar: The Land of Gathering, where all people will be gathered after Resurrection.

f. Hamalat-ul-Arsh: The Carriers of the Throne, eight angels who will carry the Lord’s throne on the Day of Judgement.

3. What are the three main functions of angels?

1. They protect us from harm and evil.

2. They record our good and bad deeds.

3. They obey Allah’s commands and glorify Him at all times.

4. Describe the role of Malak-ul-Mawt.

He is the Angel of Death and his task is to take the soul of the human from the body.

5. Who are Ridwan and Malik?

Ridwan is the head of all the keepers in Jannah and Malik is the main keeper of Jahannum.

6. Describe the dialogue that will take place between the people of Jahannum and Malik.

And they shall call out: O Malik! Let your Lord make an end to us.

He shall say: Surely you shall stay.

7. Describe the role of Israfeel.

Upon an order from Allah, Angel Israfeel will blow a horn creating a blaring siren heralding the Hereafter. This will bring total destruction to the whole world. Sometime later Israfeel will blow the horn again. This second deafening tone will cause resurrection of all mankind from death and the Day of Judgement will then start.

8. Who is the angel that you may remember when you watch a report about the weather on TV? Describe the function of that angel.

We remember Angel Mika’eel whenever we hear any news about weather.

Allah gives orders to Angel Mika’eel with regard to the weather. He moves the clouds and winds according to Allah’s will.

9. Who is the greatest angel?

Jibreel is the greatest Angel.



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  1. Learning Islam Level-2. The only lesson above thats there in the textbook of the grade I teach is ‘The World Of the Angles’. Please help me with the notes of other lessons. Thank you.

  2. sir i need the workbook for grade 8 learning islam chapter luqman ul hakim imparts his wisdom and bilqees the queen of faith and the greatest king

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