Surah At-Takweer (Question and Answers)


1. What is meant by at-takweer (name of the surah)?

At-Takweer means ‘the darkening.’

2. What is meant by ‘when the souls are sorted out’?

On the Day of Judgement every man will be with the ones who performed the same deeds as they did. There will be three groups. Firstly, good doers will be together. Secondly, all the evil-doers will be united. Thirdly, those people who were foremost in worshipping Allah will be together.

3. What is the purpose of mentioning ‘the pages of deeds will be laid open’?

In this world, if a man commits a bad deed, he hides it from others. He will be ashamed of his doing therefore he keeps it a secret. It is to tell the man that on the Day of Judgement all his deeds will be made known to everyone. This will create a fear in his heart. It also indicates that the man might be able to hide it from his fellow-beings but not from Allah, He is Aware of everything.

4. What three things Allah swears by in this Surah?

Allah swears by the planets, night and dawn.

5. Who is being referred to as the ‘Most honourable messenger’?

Angel Jibreel is being referred to as the ‘Most honourable messenger’.

6. What rank has Allah given to Angel Jibreel?

Angel Jibreel has a high status and lofty rank in the Sight of Allah. He faithfully conveyed the message from Allah to His Prophet. He is obeyed and trusted.

7. What is said about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in this surah?

It is mentioned that :

* Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is not possessed.

* He did see the Angel Jibreel.

* Everything our Prophet (peace be upon him) told us is from Allah, who is the Only One aware of the unseen.

* Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) fulfilled his mission by conveying his message to all, he did not keep the knowledge given to him to himself.

8. Which verse declares that the Qur’an is a Reminder for all the creation?

Verse no. 27 mentions that the Qur’an is a reminder for all the worlds. It is not only for mankind, but also for jinns. It reminds us that we and everything around us is created by Allah.

9. Write a summary of the surah At-Takweer.

The first part of the Surah talks about the Day of Judgement. It will affect the sun, stars, mountains, seas, heaven and earth, wild and domestic animals, and man.

The second part talks about the revelation of the Qur’an. A very noble and honoured angel was chosen to convey Allah’s message to His Prophet. At the end it mentions that the Quran is a Remider for all. If Allah wills man will be guided, if He wills man will be left astray.





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