The Universe Speaks Tawheed


Q.1: Harmony in the creation of the universe leads to the belief in One God. Give two examples.

Ans: 1. In the atmosphere, there is 77% of nitrogen, 21% of oxygen and 1% of carbon dioxide and other gases. For instance, if the amount of oxygen in the air was greater than 21%, we would be affected. This shows that there is perfect harmony and this can be done by only one God.

2. All the planets in the solar system revolve around sun. They never collide with each other and they move in a set pattern. This proves that there has to be a divine Creator who has created this world with perfection.

Q.2: What is the brain made up of?

Ans: The brain is made up of 100 billion nerve cells.

Q.3: How did Allah create our ears in a special way?

Ans: Allah has made our ears in such a unique way that we don’t hear any cracking or hissing sounds like stereos or radios. We can hear very clearly. Moreover, He has made it such that we don’t hear noises that hurt us like the revolving of the Earth.

Q.4: What is the percentage of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide in the air? Explain what would happen if the gases were in different proportions.

Ans: There is 77% of nitrogen, 21% of oxygen and 1% of carbon dioxide in the air. If these gases where in different proportions, there would be many problems. For instance, if the oxygen increased, the cells in our body would suffer severe damage and so would all the other living things that depend on oxygen.

Q.5: Explain briefly how the water cycle works. Do you think it could just happen by chance?

Ans: The sun heats the water on the surface and this causes evaporation. The warm air filled with this moisture rises up to the sky, then it cools down and forms clouds. Winds normally blow these clouds inland. When the temperature cools off the moisture turns back to water and falls down as rain. After being used by the soil, the rest of the water falls back into the oceans and rivers. Then the cycle begins again. All this surely could not happen by chance!

Q. 6: Infer signs, additional to those presented in this chapter, of the oneness of God from the universe.

Migratory birds travel thousands of kilometers every year and return to the same place, the same year. They never miss the route. There has to be a divine help. And that divine help is Allah’s and Allah’s only.


10 thoughts on “The Universe Speaks Tawheed

  1. assalamualykum
    I couldn’t find any notes for year 7 sulh al hudaybiyah please help me my exam is tomorrow
    Thank you very much the universe speaks tawheed was very important to me especially Q3
    May allah bless you

  2. جزاك اللهُ خيرًا
    this helped my homework project
    Especially the Q1
    بارك الله فيك

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