The Islamic Etiquette of Clothing


1. Write a du’aa you should say when you wear your clothes (English Text):

“Praise be to Allah Who granted me the clothes that made me look good in front of people and cover my body”. 

2. Identify and the write the hadeeth on the limits of the Awrah for men:

“Between the navel and knee is the Awrah (for males)”.

3. Identify and write the hadeeth in English on cross-gender imitation:

‘Rasoolullah cursed men who imitate women and cursed women who imitate men as well”.

4. Summarise the Islamic ruling on women’s dress.

* Everything except the hands and face must be covered.

* The dress must not be see-through.

* It must not be tight-fitting.

5. What type of clothing or jewellery is prohibited for men?

Gold jewellery and silk-based clothes are haram for Muslim men.

6. Why does Islam say to lower the gaze for both men and women?

Gazing is the beginning of all problems. Lowering the gaze protects a person from unnecessary and unwanted looks. It makes a person modest and respectable.

Islam closes the door even before it is opened!

7. Why do you think the dress code of a woman is stricter than that of men?

Woman is a symbol of beauty. Her body is the centre of attraction. Instances of molestation and eve-teasing are seldom found in a society whose women observe proper hijab. Stricter laws are meant to honour women rather than men.

8. A lot of young girls and boys pay more attention to the current fashion trends as opposed to proper Islamic dress. Why do you think that is? And how can this problem be solved?

Today’s young generation is constantly bombarded with a volley of glamorous advertisements. The influence of media and cosmetic industry is so great that youngsters tend to become an easy prey.

Islam isn’t against fashion as long as it is within the Shariah limits. A Muslim girl is encouraged to dress neatly and appear modest. Likewise a Muslim boy is expected to dress well. So observing proper dress etiquette is the only way to solve the problem.


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