The Battle of Hunayn


1. How did the Muslims react when ambushed by the opposing army?

They were able to see part of the opposing army at the end of the Hunayn valley. They could not see the greater part of the enemy’s army who were hiding behind the valley. They were totally surprised by the sudden attack, fell into chaos and began fleeing the battleground. 

2. What caused the Muslim army to gain control of the battle?

Rasoolullah called on the retreating Muslims to gather around him. He said, “I am the Messenger of Allah. No doubt I am the grandson of Abdul Mutallib. Just come back to me, oh servants of Allah”. The Prophet’s great courage, therefore, made the Muslim army gain control over the situation.

3. What was the reason behind the Hawazin accepting Islam?

The Prophet’s prayer, “Oh Allah guide the hearts of Thaqeef to Islam” and the will of Allah caused Malik ibn Awf, the leader of Hawazin, to embrace Islam first. Then the tribe of Hawazin embraced Islam due to the influence of their leader.

4. Who was Ash-Shaymaa and how did she locate the Prophet?

Ash-Shaymaa was the foster daughter of Haleemah and so the Prophet’s foster sister.

She, being one of the captives of Hunayn, was able to locate the Prophet recalling the bite mark he had given her a long time ago when they were playing as very small children.

5. Why were their women captive after the battle?

When Malik ibn Awf organised his soldiers, he also took women to be part of his army. As the tribe of Hawazin suffered defeat, their women were taken as captives.

6. What was the Hawazin’s war plan? And how did it turn out?

The plan was to attack the Muslims suddenly and surprisingly. With this motive, their leader Malik ibn Awf had positioned thousands of his soldiers behind the mountains and instructed them to ambush the Muslim army at the given time. The plan turned to be a success in the initial stage.

7. Describe the Hawazin tribe. What type of people were they?

Hawazin was the tribe residing at At-Taif, a city about 50 miles south of Makkah. They were a very strong group of idol worshippers. They had bitter feelings towards the Muslims. The people of this city had even hurled stones at the Prophet once when he had been there to preach Islam during the 10th year of Prophethood.

8. Who was Malik ibn Awf and what role did he play in the battle?

He was a young leader of the Hawazin tribe. He was brave and smart. He played the role of commander-in-chief of the hawazin army that fought Muslims at Hunayn.

9. Describe Prophet Muhammad during the battle. What were his actions?

The Prophet was the symbol of courage and bravery. When Muslims were fleeing the battle in the initial stage when they were taken by the surprise attack of the enemy, the Prophet stood his ground and encouraged Muslims to return back and fight valiantly.

He spoke words of encouragement and motivated them to rejoin the battle.

10. What did Prophet Muhammad request for the women and children captives?

As they were poorly dressed, the Prophet ordered Muslims to make clothes for each of them.

Identify and write a hadeeth that lists the three destructive attitudes and the three that leads us to safety.

“Three manners leads to destruction:

acting upon greed, following desires and becoming proud of one’s self.

And three manners lead to safety:

Fearing Allah in private and public

Moderate spending when poor or rich

Justice while in anger or happiness.”


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