Musa Leaves Egypt


1. Why did Phir’oun agree to punish Musa and kill him for his mistake although he had treated him as his son for years?

As Musa killed an Egyptian who belonged to Phir’oun’s tribe, he agreed to punish Musa.

2. Why did Prophet Musa side with the Israeli man when he saw the two men fighting?

Musa sided with the Israeli man because the Egyptians used to oppress and humiliate the Israelites.

3. How did Prophet Musa feel after he had unintentionally killed the Egyptian man?

Musa’s heart was filled with deep sadness and regret. He begged Allah for forgiveness.

4. Why did the Israeli man tell of Musa’s mistake?

When the Israeli man was involved in another fight next day, Musa realised that he is a trouble-maker. When he saw Musa angry at him, he thought that he would attack him. So he told of Musa’s mistake.

5. Why did Prophet Musa flee from Egypt? Where did he go to?

To save himself from danger, he fled Egypt and went to Madyan.

6. Whom did Prophet Musa meet in the new place?

He met two young women at the waters of Madyan.

7. Describe what happened to Prophet Musa in the new city he moved to?

Musa was invited to live in the old man’s house in Madyan. He soon got married to one of his daughters. He happily lived there for 8 years with his new family.

8. Why did Prophet Musa decide to return to Egypt after many years?

It was Allah’s plan to put a thought in Musa’s mind to feel that he is really missing his family in Egypt. So he suddenly decided to leave Egypt.


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