Musa And The Magicians


 Q1: Why did the Prophets need to perform miracles sometimes?

To prove that they are the true Prophets of Allah.

Q2: What is the difference between a miracle and a magic?

Miracles are extraordinary actions that happen with Allah’s help. Magic on the other hand, is done by evil people to hurt or deceive others.

Q3: Why do you think the magicians changed so fast from following Phir’oun to following Prophet Musa in worshipping Allah?

Ans: When the magicians saw the miracle performed by Prophet Musa, they knew that it was not magic and therefore they surrendered to Musa and stopped following Phir’oun who was cheating people through the magicians.

Q4: Why do you think the magicians chose death over obeying Phir’oun?

When truth dawned upon the magicians, they believed in Allah and were firm in their belief. They did not bother about their life and chose death as that would help them gain Paradise.

Q5: What miracles did Musa perform in front of Phir’oun?

When he threw his stick, it turned out to be a huge serpent. And when he drew out his hand, it was shining bright to the onlookers. These two miracles were performed by Prophet Musa.

Q6: What was Phir’oun’s reaction to Musa’s Miracles?

Ans: Phir’oun was terrified. He feared that his rule was in danger. He remembered the old prophecy he learned many years before that a man from the children of Isra’eel would destroy his kingdom.

Q7: Why did phir’oun seek the greatest magicians from all over Egypt?

Phir’oun called all the best magicians to come and outdo Musa’s miracle with their magic in front of an assembly of people.

Q8: What happened at the event with Musa and the magicians?

Ans:  Everyone was excited about watching this great contest. Allah told Musa to throw down his stick. He did and it became a huge snake that swallowed all of the magicians’ snakes. When it finished, Musa picked it up and the snake became a stick again.

Q9: How did the magicians react?

The magicians accepted the truth and prostrated themselves to Allah declaring “We believe in the Lord of Musa and Haroon.”

Q10: How did phir’oun react to the magicians prostrating to Allah?

He threatened the magicians that he will kill them and he did kill them.

Q11: What does Islam say about magic and witchcraft? Support your answer with a Hadeeth?

Magic and witchcraft are haram in Islam. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“Abandon the destructive sins: Shirk, claiming partners with Allah, and sihr, witchcraft”.



2 thoughts on “Musa And The Magicians

  1. My book contains lot of questions on this chapter qhich I cant find on your wwbsite please add those too.
    Eg. What did phiroun plan for musa and why?

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