Khalid ibn Al Waleed Embraces Islam


1. There were a few matters that encouraged Khalid ibn al Waleed to become Muslim. Based on Khalid’s story, what things would encourage people to accept Islam? 

* Having positive opinion about Islam

* Personality of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

* Respect and curiosity towards Muslims

* Influence of Islam on knowledge and wisdom.

* Closeness with practising Muslims

* Dawah in stages

2. Suppose that your brother is not a Muslim. How would you feel about that and what would you do to help your brother to become a Muslim?

I will feel sorry for my brother and would do my level best to attract him towards Islam. I will follow Islamic teachings and will be very nice to him. I will talk to him about Islam whenever he is calm and listening. I will also make du’aa to Allah to guide him towards Islam.

3. What made Khalid an enemy of Islam in the early days of Islam?

Khalid lived a life of luxury, riding horses and fighting with his sword right from his childhood. He was not prepared to give up luxury. Moreover he was influenced by idolatry.

4. Who was Khalid’s brother?

Al Waleed ibn al Waleed was Khalid’s brother.

5. What made Khalid’s brother contact Khalid and encourage him to embrace Islam?

The Prophet’s words in appreciation of Khalid motivated his brother to contact and encourage Khalid to embrace Islam. The Prophet said, “If Khalid came to us as a Muslim, we would have welcomed him. No one who has a mind like Khalid would let Islam escape him”.

6. At what battle did Khalid fight the Muslims?

At the Battle of Uhud, Khalid fought against the Muslims.

7. What nickname did the Prophet give Khalid?

Saifullah, the Sword of Allah, was the title given to Khalid ibn al Waleed by Rasoolullah.

Click this for PART 2 on Khalid ibn al Waleed رضي الله عنه


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