Disobedience is Harmful: The Battle of Uhud


1. What is Uhud and where is it?

A1. Uhud is a mountain, some three miles from Madinah.

2. What was the main cause of the Battle of Uhud?

A2. Quraysh wanted to take revenge for their defeat and loss in the Battle of Badr.

3. What were the Prophet’s instructions to the archers?

A3. 1. To attack the enemy with their arrows.

2. To stay on the hill and not to come down.

4. Describe how the Sahabah defended the Prophet (Peace be upon him).

A4. They formed a barricade around the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and took the arrows upon themselves.

5. What was the personal loss to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)?

A5. He was wounded and lost his tooth.

6. Who was Hamzah?

A6. He was one of the uncles of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

7. Who killed Hamzah in the Battle of Uhud?

A7. Wahshi killed Hamzah.

8. When did the Battle of Uhud take place?          

A8. It took place in Shawwal, 3AH.

9. Who was the leader of the Muslim army?          

A9. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

10. Who was the leader of the Quraysh army?                                                                  

A10. Abu Sufyan

11. Who was the banner bearer of Muslims?            

A11. Mus’ab ibn Omair

12. Who killed Mus’ab ibn Omair?        

A12. Ibn Qumay’ah Laithi killed Mus’ab.

13. Whom did the Prophet (Peace be upon him) kill in Uhud battle?

A13. He (Peace be upon him) killed Ubay Ibn Khalaf.

14. Who was the leader of the archers?                                                             

A14. Abdullah Ibn Zubair

15. Who was the woman who defended the Prophet (Peace be upon him) in Uhud?                                                                             A15. Nusaybah bint Ka’b, known as Umm Amarah, was the woman who defended the Prophet (peace be upon him) in Uhud.

16. What did Abu Sufyan say to the Muslims at the end of the battle, and what did they reply?                                                                                                 

A16. Abu Sufyan said, “Hubal is high today.” And the Muslims answered, “Allah is higher and has all the glory.

He also said, “This day is for the day of Badr.”

To which the Muslims answered, “It is not the same, our martyrsare  in Jannah whereas your dead people are in Hell Fire.”





5 thoughts on “Disobedience is Harmful: The Battle of Uhud

  1. Assalamualaikum v rehmallahi v barakatuhu, Sir Mash’Allah your blog is very informative. May Allah give you rewards ‘ajr-e-azeem’ for this. Can you please tell me where are grade-5 notes of first term,and second term.I am in great need of that i will be thankful to you if you suggest me.

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.


      may allah accept your du’aa, and reward you too immensely.

      As far as Grade 5 is concerned, not many lessons notes are uploaded here.
      Because we do mostly in the class itself, and I don’t get enough time to type for all lessons.

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