Death: The Gate To The Unseen World


1. Which is more frightening: death or the consequences of committing the major sin of disbelief in God? Explain your answer.

The consequences of death is more frightening. The Qur’an describes the torment of the Day of Judgement in a way that makes a person extremely terrified.

2. Why is it important to learn about death?

It keeps a person mindful of Allah and be conscious of his deeds.

3. What is death?

Death is simply the end of life in this world.

4. What is the real reason people die?

Every man’s death is certain. And when man’s predestined lifespan on earth gets over, Allah wants them to die.

5. What should you say when a loved one passes away?

We should say “Inna lil-laahi wa inna ilaihi raji’oon”, which means ‘certainly we belong to Allah, and we return back to him”.

6. What should a Muslim do when he or she experiences harsh situations and thinks that death might be better than life?

A Muslim must have faith and trust in Allah. He must think that Allah knows what is best for him. As Allah alone can remove difficulties and give ease, a Muslim must have patience and always seek His protection and help. For there is none to protect except Allah!

7. Describe how death happens to believers.

The Angel of Death will extract soul from the believer’s body with ease so that a true believer dies in peace.

8. Describe how death happens to disbelievers.

The Angel of Death will extract soul from the disbeliever’s body with difficulty so that he experiences a painful death.



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