Portion for the 2nd Term


PORTION FOR THE SECOND TERM (For schools following Three Terms)

Grade 5:

1. Searching for the Truth: The Story of Salman al Farsi

2. Surah al Takweer, Part 1 & 2

3. Salatul Jama’ah: A Prayer Allah Loves

4. How to Pray Salatul Jama’ah

5. Salatul Jumu’ah: The Friday Prayer

6. Appreciating Allah’s Gifts

7. Zakah: The Third Pillar of Islam

Grade 6:

1. Musa and the Magicians (Carried over from First Term)

2. God is with Me (Carried over from First Term)

3. Wavering Faith

4. All Arabia Attacked Madinah

5. Muslims Under Siege: The Battle of Khandaq

6. Al Khushoo – The Heart of Worship (Repetition of last year’s lesson)

7. The Voluntary Prayers (Repetition of last year’s lesson)

8. Salat ut Duha (Repetition of last year’s lesson)

9. Salat al Witr (Repetition of last year’s lesson)

10. Salat al Musafir

11. Hajj and Umrah

12. Forgiveness

Note: Since lessons under serial numbers 6 to 9 are repeated from last year’s portion, only notes will be done in the class)

 Grade 7:

1. Musa Leaves Egypt

2. Musa, The Prophet

3. Al-Qur’an ul Kareem: The Last Holy Book

4. Short History of the Qur’an

5. Suwar and Ayaat

6. Surah al Muzzammil (Verses 1-9) Stand Up and Pray at Night

Grade 8:

1. Wavering Faith

2. You love it, then Respect it

3. Mission Possible: Becoming a Hafidh

4. Surah al-Muzzammil,  Verses 10-19 – Be Patient (Lesson 2)

5. Surah al-Muzzammil, Verses 20 – Pray, Recite and Give Charity (Lesson 3)

6. Jafar and the King of Abyssinia

7. A Threat from the North-The Battle of Mu’tah

Grade 9:

1. Prophet Muhammad reaches out to Arabia

2. Khalid ibn al Waleed embraces Islam

3. Islam before Kinship

4. Lesson 1: Surah al Mumtahinah:  Verses 1 – 3

5. Lesson 2: Surah al Mumtahinah:  Verses 4 – 7

6. Haya: Modesty, Shyness and Honour Together

7. Males and Females

8. Lesson 1: Surah al Ma’arij:  Verses 1 – 18

Grade 10:

1. Lesson 3: Surah al Mumtahinah: Verses 8-9

2. Lesson 4: Surah al Mumtahinah: Verses 10-11

3. Lesson 5: Surah al Mumtahinah: Verses 12-13

4. The Way of Liberating Makkah

5. Fateh Makkah: The Great Victory

6. The Battle of Hunayn

7. The Islamic Etiquette of Clothing

Grade 11:

1. Ramadan: A Month of Blessings

2. Ahkam-us-Siyam: The Rules of Fasting

3. Mubtilatus-Siyam: The Nullifiers of Fasting

4. Ghazwa Tabook: Fifty Days in the Harsh Desert

5. Honesty Saves: The Story of The Three who Missed Tabook

6. Surah al Munafiqoon: Verses 1-4


5 thoughts on “Portion for the 2nd Term

  1. Would you like to answer me as soon as possible dear admin
    Is this a final exam portion for 2013?
    And if it is so where is the exam portion of grade 4 ?

        • Schools following CBSE Board have their Ministry Exam in 2nd Term while those following British/American/Australian curriculum have their final exams in 3rd Term.
          I do not have the portion, otherwise I would have uploaded here long back!
          You need to check with the Inspector of Islamic Studies, Ministry of Education, for this year’s portion.

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