Mubtilaat-us-Siyam: Things That Break The Fast

1. Why was Mona so worried about breaking her fast?

This was because she took a bite of her apple and forgot that she was fasting that day.

2. How is Allah kind to us during Ramadan?

* Allah accepts our fast as valid if we forget and eat.

* He allows us to break our fast if we travel or become sick.

3. Who does not need to fast? Why Not?

* Sick

* Old people

* Pregnant or breastfeeding women

* Travellers

These Muslims are exempted to fast as they are excused.

4. What do you need to do if you miss a fast?

If I miss my fast then it is best for me to make it up as soon as possible after Ramadan.

5. Which actions are classified as mubtilat-us-siyam?

Eating, drinking, saying bad words, hurting others, and behaving with bad manners.

6. Why does Allah excuse our fasts in certain situations but we are never permitted to leave the Salah?

* Fasting may harm our health when we are sick or travelling while Salah would not harm us.


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