Surah al Munafiqoon: Verses 1 – 4



Exercise 1: Questions and Answers (Page 99)

1. Were the Munafiqeen brave or cowardly? Defend your answer.

They were cowards. As they did not have the courage to declare that they are disbelievers nor did they have the courage to truly submit as Muslims. Their deception meant that they lacked self-confidence. Hypocrites were hiding behind their lie so that they could not be held accountable for working against Islam.

2. What are the differences between a hypocrite and an ordinary Muslim sinner?

Hypocrites never show their true face. They keep a nice outward appearance but from inside they are the worst enemies. They never admit their sins. Whereas an ordinary Muslim sinner does not hide his belief and many times accepts his sins he has committed. Even if he keeps it a secret, still he feels guilty in his heart.

3. What did the hypocrites do that made Allah refuse to forgive them?

Hypocrites knew of the truth, still they insisted to ignore the guidance. They swore to  lie that they were Muslims whereas they never accepted Islam from their heart. Normal disbelievers openly act according to their beliefs. Hypocrites hid their truth and, therefore, were deprived of Allah’s Mercy upon them.

4. The Munafiqeen were internal enemies of Islam. Do you agree? Support your answer with some historical incidents.

Definitely yes, as they always tried to disunite the Muslims by creating problems and misunderstandings between them. For example, Abdullah ibn Ubay was the leader of the hypocrites. He tried to disunite the Ansars from the Muhajireen. He told the Ansars that the Muhajireen were living on their land and surviving on their wealth. Not only that when confronted by the Prophet (Peace be upon him), he lied and swore that he had not said that. He was arrogant and did not want to accept his mistake.


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