The Story of the Three Who Missed Tabook

EXERCISE 1: Multiple Choice:

Check the Text Book, and do the answers to the Workbook Questions on Page 51, InshaaAllah.

EXERCISE 2: Question and Answers (Page 53)

1. How many days did the campaign to Tabook last? For how many days did the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and the Muslims ostracize (boycott) Ka’b and the other two companions who lagged behind? What lessons you can learn from that?

The Muslims returned to Madinah during the month of Ramadan after fifty days.

After listening to Ka’b ibn Malik and the other two men, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) told the people to boycott them and this continued for fifty days.

Ka’b ibn Malik, Murarah bin Rabee and Hilal bin Umayyah did not have an excuse as to why they were not able to take part in the campaign of Tabook. When the Prophet (Peace be upon him) returned to Madinah, they went to him and told him the truth.

They could have lied like the hypocrites but they chose to be truthful. They were righteous men. They were known to have taken part in previous battle/s. But this time it was a mistake committed on their part.

After they were boycotted, they felt depressed as no one spoke to them whether it was in the masjid or in the market place. The three men felt guilty. After fifty days they were forgiven by Allah. We learn that no matter what, we should never lie. Always remember Truth prevails and falsehood perishes.

2. Compare the hardship Abu Tharr Al-Ghifari went through when he followed the Muslims alone in the desert with hardship that Ka’b went through after Muslims returned to Madinah.

Abu Tharr was eager to join the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and the rest of the Muslims in Tabook. He was left behind because his camel was slow. So he put his belongings on his back and started walking alone in the desert. Other than it being summer time, it became more difficult for him as he had to walk rather than ride on his camel. He did not have any one to accompany him too. He faced this hardship for the Sake of Allah. The Prophet was very happy to see him.

Ka’b ibn Malik was at first worried as he did not know what to tell the Prophet (Peace be upon him). Then after being boycotted he felt alone and sad. No one would speak to him including his relatives. Ka’b had definitely realized his mistake.

Abu Tharr was received happily by the Muslims. His right intention and immediate action resulted in his favour. As for Ka’b, he did not prepare for the campaign and thought that because of a large army, his absence would not be noticed. He suffered because of his wrong decision. Both of them went through difficultly but at last they got the reward for it, Abu Tharr for his right intention and Ka’b for his honesty.


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