Males and Females

1. Identify and write a hadeeth on the general positive relation between men and women:

“Women are indeed sisters to men”

2. Identify and write a hadeeth on the danger of an unmarried man and a woman to be alone in a secluded place:

“Whenever a man sits alone with a woman except, the Shaytan becomes their third”.

Define the following:

1. Awrah: Those parts of the body that must be covered.

For Boys: Anything except for the hair, neck, elbows down and knees down.

For Girls: Everything except for the face and hands.

2. Khulwah:

It is to stay alone with a person from the opposite sex in a closed room or a secluded place.

3. Ghadd-u-Basar:

Lowering the gaze when seeing the person of the opposite sex.

4. Zawaj:

Marriage according to the Islamic Law.

5. Zina:

It is adultery or fornication.

6. Mahram:

People to whom marriage is not allowed in Islam.

Fill in the blanks:

1. Allah made marriage the only way for males and females to experience a close and intimate friendship.

2. Muslim brothers and sisters in Islam should have the highest level of respect for each other.

3. Males and females are equally humans and intellectual servants of Allah.

4. Ghaddul Basar means lowering the gaze or looking away.

5. It is permissible for young children of the opposite sex to play with one another.

6. Allah not only prohibited Zina but consider it a crime.

7. Girls after reaching puberty must cover their body with loose modest clothing.

8. The areas of the body that must be covered in front of other people is called awrah.

9. Marriage leads to lasting love and mercy.


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