THE PROPHET ISA عليه السلام

1. Who was Isa?
Prophet Isa was the last prominent Prophet sent to Bani Isra’il.

2. What was the most extra-ordinary thing about Isa? 
The most extra-ordinary thing about Isa was that he was born without a father.

3. Mention some of the virtues of Maryam, the Mother of Isa. 
Maryam descended from the family of Harun, the brother of Prophet Musa. There is a chapter entitled Maryam, in the Qur’an. She was a virtuous woman who gave birth to a son, Prophet Isa, by a special miracle from Allah. According to one hadith, Maryam is one among the four great women of the world.

4. What was the mission of Isa? 
The mission of Isa is mentioned in the Qur’an in two ways:
1. He was a sign to men; his wonderful birth and wonderful life were to turn a sinful world back to Allah
2. His mission was to give comfort and solace to the repentant.

5. What book was revealed to Isa? 
Injeel was the book that was revealed to Prophet Isa.

6. What miracles were given to Isa? 
a. He could make birds out of clay, could breathe life into them by Allah’s leave
b. He could heal leprosy
c. He could restore eyesight to the blind.
d. He could make the dead alive.
e. He could declare what the people had eaten and what they had stored in their houses.

7. Was Prophet Isa crucified to death? What does the Qur’an say about it? 
No, the Prophet Isa was not crucified to death. The Qur’an says that ‘he was raised up to heaven’.

8. What was the teaching of Isa? Did he ask his followers to worship him? 
Like other Prophets of Allah, Isa called people to the worship of the One True God. He enjoined upon the people to offer prayers and pay the Zakah. He never told his followers to worship him.

9. What does Islam say about incarnation? 
Incarnation means coming of God on earth in human form. Islam rejects this Christian doctrine. Islam says that Isa was merely a created being like all other creatures. He was a Prophet of Allah, and not a son of God! His birth was a sign of the power of Allah.


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