Prophet Musa (Peace be upon him) – Part 4

1. How did Allah show Pharaoh that He alone is the Lord of the Worlds?
By making Pharaoh’s own wife a believer in the teachings of Musa, Allah showed Pharaoh that He alone is the Lord of the worlds.

2. ‘These famines and bad years are bad luck which comes from Musa and his people’. 
Is this statement true? If not, why?
This statement is not true because in reality Allah wanted Pharaoh to know that the keys of provisions are with Him and not with Pharaoh. That is why Allah caused famine in the land of River Nile which was ruled by Pharaoh, the arrogant.

3. List the five signs that Allah showed to the Pharaoh and his followers.
      1. Allah sent rain and flood
      2. He sent locusts
      3. An army of lice
      4. The frogs
            5. Blood

4. Did Pharoah and his people repent and believe?
Pharaoh and his people neither repented nor believed!

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