THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD صلى الله عليه وسلم – Part 5

1. What did Umar’s acceptance of Islam make the Quraysh aware of?
The Quraysh realized that the Muslims had become strong.

2. What did they (the Quraysh) decide to do? 
They decided to place a ban on Bani Hashim and Bani Mutallib.

3. What does the ban mean? What sort of a ban did the Quraysh force upon the Muslims? 
The ban means to join together against a people, and agree not to buy from, sell to, or mix someone in order to punish them. The Quraysh decided not to sell or buy anything from the Muslims and not to develop any marital relationship with them.

4. Describe the plight of Muslims under the ban.
Under the ban, the Muslims were denied all the needs of life. Food was scarce. With nothing to eat, they ate leaves of trees that grew around. The children cried of hunger.

5. What made the Quraysh lift the ban put upon the Muslims? 
The sight of starving Muslims moved some men of the Quraysh to pity and they decided to lift the ban. This was also because not all were as hard-hearted as Abu Jahl.

6. Which two sad events took place in the life of the Prophet Muhammad during this period? 
Two sad events were the death of Khadijah, Prophet’s wife, and Abu Talib, his uncle one after the other.


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