1. Can a Muslim eat anything that comes his way?
No, a Muslim cannot eat anything that comes his way.

2. What kind of foods does the Qur’an forbid? 
The Qur’an forbids: 1. The flesh of dead animal 2. Blood 3. Pork 4. That which is slaughtered in the name of other than Allah 5. The strangled animal 6. The animal that is beaten to death 7. The animal that is gored to death by horns of another animal 8. That which has been partly eaten to death by a beast of prey.

3. What does the Holy Book say about eating of the flesh of swine?
Eating of the flesh of swine is forbidden for the Muslims.
4. What is Halal and what is Haram? 
That which is allowed is Halal and that which is forbidden is Haram.

5. By what different names is the pork known? 
Bacon, Ham, Hog, Landrace, Large Black, Large White, Saddle Back etc.

6. Why should a Muslim not eat pork? 
Islam permits clean and pure things. Pig is an unclean animal. So it is Haram.

7. What care should a Muslim take while eating at a restaurant or in an aircraft?
A Muslim, while eating at a restaurant or in an aircraft, must see to it that he/she doesn’t eat anything that is clearly Haram in Islam.

8. A believer eats in one intestine, while a non-believer eats in seven. Explain 
Islam does not encourage over-eating. A Muslim does not gobble up food madly. He does not fill his stomach alone. He shares his food with others. He loves to feed the hungry.


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