PROPHET NUH عليه السّلام

1. Who was Nuh? Describe some of his qualities?
Nuh عليه السّلام was a Prophet of Allah who lived many years after Adam. He was noble and kind-hearted. He was pure of heart and conduct. He was worthy of trust.
2. What did his people say when Nuh عليه السّلام began to call them to Allah?
They rejected him and his message. They accused him of his falsehood.
3. What did Nuh’s childhood friends say particularly?
They said, ‘Nuh used to play with us during his childhood. We sat together and often talked. When did Prophethood descend upon him? In the cover of the night or in broad daylight?’
4. How did Prophet Nuh عليه السّلام react to their cutting remarks?
He reacted with patience and argued in the humblest manner. He said, “I am a Messenger of Allah, the Sustainer of the worlds. My advice to you is sincere. I know from Allah something that you do not know’.
5. What did different gods did Nuh’s people worship? What did they think of idol worship?
Nuh’s people worshipped five different gods. Wadd, Suwa, Yaghuth, Ya’uq and Nasr.
They thought that worshipping idols was the best thing to do. They considered that those who did not worship idols were in the wrong.
6. What was Nuh’s عليه السّلام message to his people?
Nuh عليه السّلام told his people, “I have been sent to you with a clear warning. I am to you a Prophet, worthy of all trust.”  He also said, “O my people! Worship Allah. You have no other god but Him. I fear for you the punishment of a dreadful day”.
7. In what various ways did Nuh عليه السّلام warn them? What was its result?
He told them that if they don’t give up the worship of idols, the punishment on a dreadful day is certain. He even humbly said, ‘Do you not see how Allah has created the sky? Do you not see how He has set up the moon as light and set up the sun as a radiant lamp?’ He reminded them to be grateful to their Allah. But all his efforts and warnings were in vain. Only a few followed Nuh عليه السّلام  
8. Why did the rich and wealthy reject Nuh’s message?
There are two reasons: One, they were not ready to accept Nuh عليه السّلام because he was poor. They said, ‘Why should Allah choose a poor like Nuh عليه السّلام to be His Prophet? Are we, the rich, dead?’ Secondly, abundance of wealth had made them blind to see the reality. They were puffed with arrogance and pride which blocked all channels for correction.
9. What did they finally demand from Nuh عليه السّلام ?
They finally said, “O Nuh, you have disputed long with us. Bring upon us what you threaten us with, if you are of truthful”.
10. What was Nuh’s عليه السّلام reply?
He replied by saying, “Only Allah will bring the punishment on you. You will not be able to escape it when it comes. My advice then will not benefit you, even if I desired to give you good counsel”.
11. What did Allah at last reveal to Nuh عليه السّلام ? What did his people say when they saw Nuh عليه السّلام building the ark?
At last Allah revealed to Nuh, “None of your people will believe except those who have believed already. So be not sad at what they do. And construct an ark under Our eyes and Our inspiration. Indeed they are about to be drowned.”
When his people saw him building the ark, they started hurling taunting at him saying, ‘O Nuh, what is all this? When did you turn a carpenter? You will never make it float. You are miles away from any shore. On what will this ark sail? On sandy plains?”.

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