UMAR IBN AL KHATTAB رضي الله عنه

1. What kind of man was Umar before he accepted Islam?
For a time Umar had been one of the greatest enemies and persecutors of Islam. He used to often beat Muslims mercilessly. He was a man of violent temper.
2. Who had gathered in a house at as-Safa?
The Prophet and about forty of his companions had gathered in a house at as-Safa.
3. Why did Nu’aym tell Umar it would be better for him to go home and correct his own family first? Who was Nu’aym?
Umar was fiercely proceeding with weapons when Nua’ym stopped him to know what his intent was. When Umar said that his intention was to kill the Prophet, Nu’aym diverted him saying, ‘go to your house and check the matter there as your sister and her husband have become Muslims’.
Nu’aym ibn Abdullah رضي الله عنه belonged to Umar’s tribe and had become a Muslim but kept his faith in secret.
4. What were Fatimah and her husband doing when Umar entered their house
Fatimah رضي الله عنها and her husband, Sa’id bin Zayd رضي الله عنه , were reading a portion of the Surah Taha when Umar entered their house.
5. Why did Umar begin to beat Sa’id bin Zayd  رضي الله عنه? What did Fatimah do?
He began to beat Sa’id bin Zayd رضي الله عنه because he had become a Muslim. Seeing her brother beating her husband, Fatimahرضي الله عنها  rushed in between to defend him.
6. Why did Fatimahرضي الله عنها , at last, agree to give Umar the Sheets they were reading from? Which Surah did they contain?
When Umar beat his sister, she started bleeding. Even then she did not lose courage and did not abandon Islam. Has so struck with Fatimah’s sincerity and courage that he asked for the sheets from which she had been reading. Seeing his brother’s change in attitude, Fatimah agreed to give the Sheets which contained the Surah Taha.
7. What effect did the Surah have on Umar, when he began to read it? What did he do then?
The effect was so phenomenal that it transformed the total personality of Umar, forever.  He exclaimed, ‘How fine and noble this speech is!’ Umar was so moved that he went straightway to the Prophet. He embraced Islam, and become one of its strongest supporters and champions. His رضي الله عنه conversion took place in the sixth year of Prophethood.
8. What was Khabbab bin al-Aratt رضي الله عنه doing in the house of the couple?
He was reading and teaching the portion of the Qur’an to the couple.

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