(Surah Yaseen, Part 3)
1. Allah is able to restore the mankind to life after death on the Day of Judgement. Substantiate your answer with the Verses you have learnt in this lesson.
Allah says, “A sign for them is dead earth. We give it life, and produce from it grains, which they eat”.
From dead matter, Allah’s creative act produces life and living matter. We see the creative process of Allah at work and the cycle of life and death goes on and on.
As Allah is able to restore life to dead earth, so He will be giving life to dead men on the Day of Resurrection.
2. Creation of the Day and the Night is a clear sign of the Greatness and the Power of Allah. Discuss.
The day and the night are the two signs of Allah. This gift of Allah is good for us in many ways. We can arrange for our livelihood during the day and take rest and have peace at night. The daily rising and setting of the sun gives us the computation of days and years. The alternation of day into night and vice versa is so perfect that man doesn’t feel any discomfort during the alternation. These are the signs for men to understand the power of Allah’s Greatness and Glory.
3. What is meant by the stations of the moon? What does the expression ‘kal urjunil qadim’ mean?
The stations of the moon are the process of waxing and waning. The expression ‘kal urjunil qadim’ means ’like an old date-stalk, dried up and curved’. It refers to the moon running through all her stations, increasing and decreasing, until it disappears, and then reappears as a crescent.
4. ‘We made similar vessels for them to ride’. Explain.
The mighty ships sailing through water carrying men and goods safely are a sign for man. Apart from covering all kinds of sea-craft, ‘similar vessels’ include all the modern means of road transport and aircraft, which ‘swims’ through the air instead of through water. All these are Allah’s arrangement for man on earth!
5. How do the unbelievers react when they are urged to spend in the way of Allah?
The Verse says, “When they are told: ‘Spend of what Allah has given you; the unbelievers say to those who believe, why should we feed those whom Allah would have fed if He pleased?’
6. Allah has created pairs of everything. What is meant by it?
Allah has not only created pairs among human beings, men and women, but also in vegetation, among animals, birds etc. There are pairs of opposite forces in nature, for instance positive and negative electricity. Day and night, truth and falsehood, right and wrong, plus and minus, good and evil – all these have been created in pairs. Allah being a Superb Creator is a perfect sign for people to submit to His Glory and Majesty!
7. Explain the significance of the belief in the Aakhirah – one of the three basic concepts of Islam. (Tawhid, Risalah and Aakhirah)
The significance can be gauged from the fact that without the belief in Aakhirah, all our beliefs in Tawhid and Risalah would be meaningless.
We do good things and prevent ourselves from doing bad things because we know that there is Aakhirah wherein Allah will reward us or punish us depending on our deeds in this world. As a matter of fact, belief in the concept of God and Religion itself would be meaningless if one doesn’t believe in the concept of Aakhirah.
Now, in order to know what will make us or mar us in the Aakhirah, we need Divine Guidance (Al Hidayah) which is provided through the Messengers of Allah (Risalah) and the quintessence of all beliefs in Islam is the true belief in the Oneness of Allah (Tawhid)

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