PROPHET DAWUD عليه السلام

1. Trace the ancestry of Prophet Dawud عليه السلام   
Prophet Dawud’s ancestry goes back to Yaqu’b, the son of Ishaq, the son of Ibrahim. (May Allah’s peace be upon them all)
2. Give an account of Dawud’s acceptance of Jalut’s challenge to combat.
Once an army of fierce fighters came to attack his people. Among them was Jalut. He was a huge man. He came out with his sword and armour and called on any of the soldiers of Bani Israel to come and fight him. When he saw that nobody would fight him he laughed at Bani Israel. It was young Dawud who stepped forward and accepted Jalut’s challenge for a combat.
3. Describe how Dawud slayed Jalut.
Dawud was offered an armour and arms but he declined to use them as he had not tried them, while the shepard’s sling and staff were his well-tried weapons. Dawud picked up a few stones on the spot. Jalut came forward to kill Dawud with his sword but Dawud used his sling and threw a stone which hit Jalut on his forehead. He fell to the ground and before he could recover, Dawud took Jalut’s sword and killed him.
4. Who was Talut? Why did he marry his daughter to Dawud?
Talut was a king. Dawud’s bravery and wisdom in slaying Jalut made Talut develop a liking towards Dawud. This is the reason why he gave his daughter in marriage to Dawud.
5. Which Book was revealed to Dawud عليه السلام by Allah?
Zaboor was the Book that was revealed to Dawud by Allah.
6. What did Dawud عليه السلام preach his people?
Prophet Dawud عليه السلام preached his people to worship and glorify none but Allah.
7. Detail Allah’s blessings on Dawud عليه السلام
* Allah made Dawud His Prophet, gave him kingship, wisdom and sound judgement.
* Allah made Dawud strong in his Kingdom.
* Allah subjected to his the mountains and the birds.
* Allah softened iron for Dawud.
* Allah gave him a son called Sulayman who later became a Prophet
8. Describe how Dawud عليه السلام ruled his kingdom.
Prophet Dawud ruled his vast kingdom with wisdom and justice, and never forgot that all the kingdom belongs to Allah. He advised his people to worship none but Allah.
9. What was Sulayman’s wise judgement in the case where sheep had ruined a man’s crop?
The owner of the field should have the temporary possession and the right of enjoying their product –milk, wool, new-born lambs etc, while the owner should tend the damaged field until it was restored to its former productivity, whereupon both the flock of sheep and the field should revert to their erstwhile owners: in this way the plaintiff would be fully compensated of his loss without depriving the defendant of his substance – the flock of sheep.
10. What moral lessons does the story of Dawud عليه السلام teach us?
* Numbers do not count but Faith does. Help comes from Allah from unexpected quarters.
* Size and strength are of no avail against truth, courage and careful planning.
* A brave believer in Islam tries his own weapons.
* If Allah is with us the enemy’s weapons may become an instrument of his own destruction.
* Pure Faith brings Allah’s reward, in Dawud’s case it was power, wisdom and other gifts.

2 thoughts on “PROPHET DAWUD عليه السلام

  1. Masha Allah, such good information. Jazakkallah Khair, this helped me a lot to increase my Imaan. May Allah grant you blessings, and In Sha Allah, let us hope to meet in Jannah. Aameen.

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