1. In what way did the Quraysh break the Truce of Hudaybiyah?
After the Truce of Hudaybiyah, Bani Bakr became an ally of Quraysh while Bani Khuzaah sided with the Muslims. As per the Truce, no party shall induge in any kind of attack either directly or indirectly.
But when Bani Bakr attacked Bani Khuzaah , while they were asleep, Quraysh helped them with weapons and some of their chiefs took part in the attack. Thus they broke the Truce of Hudaybiyah.
2. Why did the Prophet (peace be upon him) send a man to Makkah?
The Prophet (peace be upon him) sent a man to Makkah to confirm the news that the Quraysh had broken the Treaty of Hudaybiyah.
3. What options did the Prophet place before the Quraysh?
The Prophet (Peace be upon him) placed three alternatives before the Quraysh:
1.      To pay blood-money for the victims of Bani Khuzaah.
2.      To withdraw their support for the section of Bakr involved in the attack.
3.      To declare the Truce of Hudaybiyah to have been broken.
4. What was their reaction to the offer?
They did not agree to the first two alternatives and declared the Truce of Hudaybiyah to be null and void.
5. Why did the Quraysh send Abu Sufyan to Madinah?
After breaking the Treaty of Hudaybiyah, the Quraysh were greatly troubled as to the possible consequences of what they had done. So they sent Abu Sufyan to Madinah to strengthen the Hudaybiyah Agreement and to prolong its duration
6. What was the outcome of Abu Sufyan’s mission?
All attempts by Abu Sufyan to convince the Prophet and win him over failed. He did not succeed in his mission.
7. How did the Prophet prepare for war on Makkah?
He began to prepare for a campaign. He told Abu Bakr about his plan and instructed him to keep it a secret. He, then, prayed, “O Allah! Take from Quraysh all sight of us and all news of us, what we are about, that we may come suddenly upon them in their land”.
8. What was the strength of the Muslim army?
The total army of Muslims consisted of 10,000 men.
9. What happened when the army was half way?
When they were about half way, they were met by al Abbas bin al Mutallib, the Prophet’s uncle and his family. The Prophet (peace be upon him) invited them to join the campaign, which they did.
10. What strategy did the Prophet employ when the army reached the outskirts of
Makkah? How well did it work?
The Quraysh feared the consequences of having broken the Truce. The Prophet (peace be upon him) was well aware of this, and in order to increase their fears he commanded his men to spread out and each believer to light a fire after dark, from the outskirts of the Sacred Territory, ten thousand fires could be seen burning.
The strategy worked very well as it sent shivers down the spine. The Quraysh were panic-stricken and saw at once the hopelessness of resistance.
11. What did the Prophet (Peace be upon him) do on entering the Holy Mosque?
On entering the Holy Mosque, he rode to the southeast corner of the Ka’bah and reverently touched the Black Stone with his staff.
Then he made the seven rounds of the Ka’bah. Then he turned away from the Ka’bah towards the 360 idols which surrounded it.
He then rode between the idols and the Ka’bah, repeating the verse of the Qur’an, “The Truth has come and falsehood vanished. Truly, falsehood is bound to vanish”.
He then pointed his staff to the idols and pushed each of them, one by one, with his staff. Each idol fell forward on its face.
He then ordered the door of Kab’ah to be opened, walls inside which were full of pictures of deities, be cleaned.
He then addressed the gathering, declaring the glory and unity of Allah and the unity of mankind.
12. What reassurance did the Prophet give to the Ansars?
After the conquest of Makkah, when the Ansars expressed the fear that the Prophet might remain in Makkah, he reassured them that he won’t be staying in Makkah and that he will return to Madinah. He said to them, “Where you live, there will I live, and there shall I die also”.

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