Activity A:
1. What is sin? How many kinds of sins are there?
Sin is to disobey Allah. There are two kinds of sins: major and minor.
2. Do we all need Allah’s Mercy?
None can live in this world without the Mercy of Allah.
3. Where do bad thoughts come from?
As Satan is an open enemy of man, he stirs bad thoughts in his mind.
4. Are bad thoughts sin?
Bad thoughts are not sinful unless we keep them on our mind purposely and act upon them.
5. What should we do when our mind is invaded by bad thoughts?
When our mind is invaded by bad thoughts, we should say:
أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم
6. Why does man often do things that are unworthy of him?
Forgetting that Allah is watching him, man starts doing things that are unworthy of him. When man is dominated by the evil thoughts of Satan, he starts doing things which he is not supposed to do.
7. Who is a hypocrite?
A hypocrite is a person who pretends to be good or religious.
8. Can a Muslim be a coward or a miser?
No, a Muslim cannot be a coward or a miser.
9. Can a Muslim be a liar?
Allah does not like the liars!
Activity B:
1. What is the result of sin? Why do sins bring unhappiness?
Sinning cools down and weakens the faith. It brings unhappiness as sinners earn the Anger of Allah.
2. How can we obtain strength from Allah for keeping us away from sins?
We can obtain strength from Allah for keeping us away from sins by praying, reciting the Qur’an and by avoiding sins.
3. In what does a major sin differ from a minor one?
A major sin is ruinous and it is a great disobedience to Allah.
4. When does a venial sin turn into a major one?
A venial sin turns into a major one if it is obstinately repeated without feeling sorry.
5. Mention a few of the major sins.
According to Hadith, there are eleven major sins:
1. Associating anything with Allah (Shirk)
2. To practise magic
3. Committing murder for no reason
4. Taking the property of an orphan
5. Taking interest
6. Running away from battle when Jihad is declared
7. Accusing a good woman of bad character
8. To bear false witness
9. Killing a child out of fear that it will share one’s food.
10. Adultery
11. Disobeying parents.
6. What is ‘Kufr’?
Kufr is the rejection of the truth brought by the Prophet (peace be upon him) and it is the opposite of Iman.
It is of two kinds: One is a denial of Faith itself and the other is a denial of a branch of the branches of Islam.
7. What is ‘Shirk’?
Shirk is to associate anything with Allah. It is the most ruinous sin.
8. What are the signs of a hypocrite, according to a Hadith?
According to a Hadith, there are three signs of a hypocrite: “When he talks, he lies. When he makes a promise, he does not keep it. When he is trusted with something, he deceives – although he may be offering Salah, fasting and calling himself a Muslim”.

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