1. What is meant by ‘mas’h alal khuffain wal jabirah’?
It means ‘wiping over the socks and the bandage’.

2. Islam does not inflict rigorous rules in anything. Discuss this in regard to the injunction concerning the Mas’h.
Islam does not inflict rigorous rules in anything, the concession of wiping over the socks, has been granted in order to provide relief to the people. In times of intense cold when it is quite hard to wash the feet every time one makes a wodhu, this facility should be considered as a great blessing of Allah upon the believers.

3. What does Hummam رضي الله عنه report regarding wiping over the socks?
He reports: Jarir bin Abdullah رضي الله عنهurinated, then performed ablution and wiped over his socks. It was said to him, “Do you like this? He said, Yes, I saw that Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) urinated, then performed ablution and wiped over his socks”.

4. What are the conditions of al-Mas’h?
The conditions of al-Mas’h are two:
1. The socks should be such that conceal the whole foot up to the ankles.
2. The socks should have been put on after performing wodhu.

5. What is the period of Mas’h?
It is 24 hours for those who are at home and 72 hours for travellers.

6. What are the causes that annul al-Mas’h?
    1. Causes that make wodhu void, make Mas’h also void.
    2. Taking off the socks for any reason
    3. Expiry of the prescribed time limite.

7. What is the command of Shariah concerning wiping over the bandage and plaster of wound?
If there is a wound in any of the parts which must be washed in ablution, and if washing that particular part is likely to cause harm, the command of the Shariah is to wipe the bandage or plaster with wet fingers. This has to be done every time at ablution.


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