1. Allah is closer to man than his neck-vein. Elaborate.
Allah created man and He knows the innermost desires and motives of man even better than man does himself. He knows more truly the innermost state of our feelings and consciousness than does our own self. Not only Allah is closer to man than his jugular vein but also man’s every word and deed is recorded and will be brought before him on the Day of Judgement to bear witness to our lives.
2. Why is it essential for one to remember the Day of Judgement?
Belief in the Life after Death is one of the demands of Islamic Faith. It is essential for one to remember the Day of Judgement because it keeps a person away from sin and evil. It motivates him to do good deeds and be righteous in this world. The fear of the evil consequences of one deeds is one of the benefits of remembering the Day of Judgement.
3. Who are the writing Angels?
The writing Angels are two: They are the Two Respected Writers (Kiraman Katibeen) who record each and every human being’s evil and good deeds done in this world.
4. What is the Trumpet? When will it be blown?
The Trumpet is the signalling of the end of this world and the beginning of the other world. What we know from the Qur’an is that on the Day of Judgement the Trumpet will be blown at Allah’s command whereupon all will die. Then after a definite period of time, which is known to Allah alone, the second Trumpet will be blown. Now all people ever born on earth will be resurrected. Each individual will be questioned by Allah.
5. What is Shirk? What are its evil consequences?
Shirk is to associate partners with Allah in His Attributes, in His Rights and in His Powers. The evil consequences of Shirk are disgrace in this world and severe punishment in the form of Hell in the Day of Judgement.

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