1. What is the importance of Salah in the life of a Muslim?
Salah is central to Islam. It is the core of all piety. It is the first and foremost duty of every Muslim after the declaration of Shahadah. It is the act which distinguishes a Muslim from a Kafir (an unbeliever).
2. Can an adult Muslim be ever exempted from offering Salah?
No, an adult Muslim can never be exempted from offering Salah. However, a Muslim woman is exempted from offering Salah under certain specific cases.
3. What is a Muslim commanded to do when he is not able to offer Salah in its prescribed time?
When a Muslim is not able to offer Salah in its prescribed time due to some genuine reasons, he is commanded to make up for the missed prayers later on promptly.
4. What according to a Hadith is the expiation of a Salah missed due to sleep or forgetfulness?
Its expiation is that the Muslim should offer the missed Salah when he remembers it.
5. What is meant by the expression ‘Qada al-fawait min-as-salawat’?
It means rules regarding the missed prayers.
6. What is the command of Shariah concerning the missed Salah?
a. It is sinful to miss a Salah deliberately or due to negligence. One must repent sincerely and refrain from neglecting one’s duty.
b. With the exception of women in confinement or menstruation and the one who remains unconscious or insane for some time, every adult believer must make up for each of his missed obligatory Salah.
c. If due to a genuine reason, a Salah is missed, one should try to offer it promptly, and avoid delaying it unnecessarily. This is an obligation which must be fulfilled.
7. Who is called the Sahib at-Tartib in the terminology of Shariah?
Sahib at-Tartib is that Muslim who, after having obtained adulthood, has not missed his prayers and if at all missed previously, has made up for them promptly, and now has not more than five missed Prayers to be offered. Such a person may not perform his next Salah at its prescribed time unless he has first performed the missed Prayers in their proper sequence.

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