SURAH QAF (Verses 1 – 15)

Answer the following questions:
1. When was Surah Qaf revealed? What is the central theme of Surah Qaf?
The Surah Qaf was revealed in the early years of the Prophet’s mission in Makkah.
The central theme of this Surah is mainly devoted to the twin problems of death, Resurrection and the certainty that all human beings will have to answer before Allah for what they have done on earth.
2. What was the attitude of the Makkan pagans towards the Prophet’s call?
The Makkan pagans showed a negative attitude towards the Prophet’s call. They considered it quite strange that Allah could raise men and women after they had died and become mere dust and bones!
3. What does the term Qaf signify in this Surah? How many Suwar of the Qur’an begin with disjointed letters?
One of the Huroof al Muqatta’at, disjointed letters, the term Qaf signifies the beginning of the Surah – the meaning of the letter Qaf is known only to Allah. There are 29 Suwar (Surahs) in the Qur’an which begin with disjointed letters.
4. What is the al-Lawh al-Mahfuz?
A well-protected Register of Allah which has full account of everything of this world, a well-protected Book which has not left out any particle un-recorded!
5. Bring out the significance of the phrase ‘Brethren of Lut’.
Lut was a Prophet of Allah. He was sent as a warner to the people of the town of Sodom. The city was completely destroyed for its evil practices. He considered his people as his brethren. The phrase however refers to the people of all times who indulge in senseless sins like homo-sexualism.
6. What do you know about the people of Tubba and ashab ar-Rass?
Tubba was the title borne by a succession of powerful Himyar kings who ruled for centuries over the whole of  South Arabia. The Himyar were an ancient race.
Ar-Rass means an old well. Ashab ar-Rass means the Companions of ar-Rass. They were the descendents of the Tribe of Thamoud who belied their Prophet and threw him into a well. Allah destroyed the community.
7. What is the true Muslim concept of life?
This life is a test. Man is created for the worship of Allah. The result of this test will be made known in the Day of Judgement when Allah will judge people according to the deeds done in this world. The life of this world is temporary whereas the Life Hereafter is permanent.
8. What will happen to the soul after death?
When a man dies, his physical body perishes. But the soul remains in the grave. It will enjoy the pleasures of Paradise if the man was a righteous believer and the soul will be punished if the man was an evil-doer. The soul will be in this state until Allah gives life to the dead and takes account of all deeds in the Day of Judgement.
9. Who will enter the joys of Heaven?
Those who live a righteous life in this world accordingly to the Divine Guidance would enter the joys of Heaven.
10. Who will be punished in Hell?
Those who reject Divine Guidance and live a life of rebellion will be punished in Hell.
11. Is it difficult to believe in the Resurrection of the body? Why?
No, it is not difficult to believe in the Resurrection of the body because Allah who has created man for the first time, can easily re-create him for the second time as well.

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