1. Answer these questions:

1. One day I happened to meet a man who was in doubt about the existence of Allah. What does ‘I’ mean here?
I refers to Manzoor Nomani who narrates a story in his book ‘Islamic Faith and Practice’.

2. How did he try to convince the man in doubt? What arguments did he put forward?
He tried to convince the man in doubt by putting forward a logical argument. By showing a piece of paper, he asked him, ‘Were I to tell you that words on this sheet of paper are written by no one but they have simply appeared on it by merely a chance, would you believe it?’. When the man replied in negative, he convinced him by saying that this world has not come by chance and that it has been created by Allah.

3. What is chance?
That which happens without planning, just like that.

4. Why can’t we say that the universe is the result of mere ‘chance’?
We can’t say that the universe is the result of mere ‘chance’ because of its flawless creation and superb design. The marvels of the universe lead one to understand and accept the fact that this universe has its own Master Designer & Architect, Almighty Allah. Every made has its own Maker!

5. How do the marvels of the world, the various animals, the birds and the objects of the space point to the existence of Allah?
Just consider! Who has taught the birds to break out of eggs? Who helps the lizard grow a tail for itself after losing it? Who guides the whales across wide, wide oceans to return to the same place year after year? Who sends down water from the sky? Do all these come about by chance? NO, never! It is all Allah’s doing!

6. How does the fact of the awareness of the right and wrong prove the existence of Allah?
Each one of us possesses an awareness of right and wrong. This awareness accuses us when we do something wrong. Where did this awareness come from? It is given to us by Allah.

7. How do we know that Allah has every Perfection? Describe some of His Perfections.
Allah is Eternal. He is Infinite. He never grows. He is Perfect. His Perfections have no limits. He is All-Powerful, All-Present, and All-Knowing.

2. Further Questions:

1. What is meant by al Asma-ul-Husna?
It means the Most Handsome Names of Allah.

2. How many names does Allah have according to Hadith?
According to Hadith, Allah has 99 Names.

3. What is the Proper Name of our Creator?
The Proper Name of our Creator is Allah.

4. How is it distinguished from all His other Names?
It is distinguished from all His other Names called Asma-us-Sifat, the Names showing His attributes.

5. “Whoever preserves these Handsome Names will enter Paradise”. What does this mean?
It means that those who memorise all the 99 Names of Allah and try to live by it will be rewarded with Paradise.

6. Mention a few attributes of Allah.
 رب – the Sustainer
الرحمن – The Most Gracious
الرحيم– The Most Merciful
الملك – The King
السلام – The Source of Peace
المؤمن – The Giver of Faith
الخالق – The Creator

7. How did Allah create this universe?
Allah created this universe from nothing, out of His power.

8. In what ways does the Satan stir evil thoughts in our mind? What is the surest way to chase them away?
Satan stir evil thoughts in our mind by trying to take us away from Allah. He sometimes creates doubt in our mind about Allah and His existence. Whenever bad thoughts come to our mind, we should say, “ آمنت بالله ورسله “ and turn our attention to something useful.


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