Answer the following questions:
1. How do the marvels of the earth, marvel of our own body, and the objects of the space point to the existence of Allah?
The more a man thinks about different objects of nature, the more mysterious they appear to him. From the tiniest object on earth to the huge constellations of stars visible to us, our sight is dazzled when we consider them. The different types of rocks, plants, animals etc. make us wonder, how everything was created. Moreover, our own body is far more complex than a complicated computer. All this cannot be a result of mere chance. It points to the existence of the One-Allah.

2. How does the fact of the awareness of the right and wrong prove the existence of Allah?
Each one of us has the ability to think what is right and what is wrong. When we do something wrong, our conscience pricks us. Where from this feeling comes? It comes from Allah! This ability of thinking and understanding is given to us by Allah.

3. Why can’t we say that the universe is a result of mere chance?
We can not say that the universe is a result of mere chance because everything has a maker. For example, a computer was made by some one; a car was made by some one, same way this universe with all its sight and wonders and treasures was created by the All-Wise, All-Knowing, and the Most Powerful, Allah.

4. What is Revelation? The clearest and surest evidence relating to Allah’s existence is given by Allah. Discuss.
The word Revelation is related to the verb reveal which means to unveil or make known. Quran tells us about Allah, ourselves, the past and the future. We could have not known all this through our inner awareness or thinking power. The Quran is sent by Allah, therefore, it is the clearest evidence relating to Allah’s existence as He Knows Himself better than we know Him.

5. Mention a few attributes of Allah.
The All-Knowing (Al A’leem), The Most Merciful (Ar Rahman), The Oft-Forgiving (Al Ghafoor), The Most Powerful (Al A’zeez), The All-Seeing (Al Baseer), The Most Compassionate (Ar Raheem), The All-Hearing (As Samee’), The All-Wise (Al Hakeem).

6. Write the meaning of Surah al-Ikhlas.
In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
1. Say: He is Allah, the One.
2. Allah the Self-Sufficient Master, whom all creatures need.
3. He gives no birth, nor was He born.
4. And equal to Him is not anyone.

7. What does the word Tawhid mean?
Tawhid means Oneness of Allah.

8. What is the effect of Tawhid on human life?
    1. Belief in Tawhid produces in the believer a high degree of self-respect and confidence.
    2. It produces in the believer a sense of modesty and humbleness. He never becomes puffed up, haughty, or arrogant.
    3. It makes him virtuous and conscious of Allah.
    4. The believer does not despair or become broken-hearted. He is full of hope.
    5. This belief produces in the believer a strong degree of determination and steadfastness.
    6. It gives him peace of mind. It frees him from envy and greed.
    7. It makes man obey Allah’s Commands.
    8. A believer in Tawhid seeks the pleasure of Allah. Whatever he does, he does for Allah.

9. Why did Allah create us?
Allah created us to worship Him.


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